Innovation in the study approach

The OIS study schools highlight what is excellent in the tradition of primary and secondary education in Italy, integrating and improving it with an approach based on 4 guidelines:

  • Multilingualism

    In addition to the Italian language, whose study remains central in the education of our students, OIS integrates the formal learning of foreign languages, essential for acquiring language skills, enriching and supporting it with CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), a methodological approach that consists in transmitting non-linguistic contents in a foreign language, in order to favour the learning of both the presented contents and the foreign language itself.

  • Study method

    OIS students gradually learn, guided by their teachers, to organize their own learning process and to acquire study skills in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their educational path and to actively participate in group activities, bringing their personal contribution.

  • Scientific and technological subjects

    Great emphasis is placed by the school on the use of the empirical approach in science and analogical-intuitive methods in the study of mathematics; this is realized by managing lessons also in a non-traditional way, stimulating the kinaesthetic dimension of learning in addition to the auditory and visual ones. Students immediately get used to using computer networks and electronic devices while studying or doing research and disciplinary analyses at school and at home.

  • Musical and artistic subjects

    Students are guided to recognize the value and potential of artistic assets and musical production, both classical and modern, for their correct use and enhancement.

Primary cycle education

Starting from the 3rd grade, the German class is introduced for a total of 4 hours per week. In the last three years, 60% of class time is in a foreign language.