OIS –Middle School

Enrichment and consolidation of language skills

OIS promotes among its students an education that fosters both a mental and cultural structure that is open and up-to-date and is the cornerstone of a tangible engagement with citizenship in the world, and a high standard development of knowledge for the further course of studies.

  • Modern Teaching Style

    Quality and in-depth analysis vs. quantity and notions

  • Enrichment and consolidation of language skills

    The stated objective is to build permanent personal assets


The OIS Model

As a starting point, OIS didactics takes the educational objectives set by the “Indicazioni Nazionali” of private and public schools published by the Italian Ministry of Education, both for the biennium and for the last school year that ends with the final state exam.

OIS’s specific educational offer for primary and middle school heads towards three main innovation guidelines:

1. Multilingualism (language certifications by Cambridge University for English and Goethe Institute for German) and an openness to the cultures and traditions of the English-speaking and German-speaking countries. A third foreign language is introduced as an extra-curricular activity (i.e. French and/or Spanish and/or Chinese).

2. In-depth study of maths and science

3. Avant-garde didactics and study-approach

Such model guarantees the ideal progression of OIS’s primary course of studies, enabling students, through to structural measures of flexibility, who are coming from other primary schools to attend with profit and countable results.